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The Fast Metabolism Diet: The Pomroy Plan to Feed Yourself Thin

The Fast Metabolism Diet: The Pomroy Plan to Feed Yourself Thin - Haylie Pomroy Diet is easy to follow, but her instructions are too wishy-washy. Many conflicts between the recipes at the back and detailed charts. The charts are incomplete, you need to re-read sections thoroughly in order to grasp the "my way or the highway" instructions.

HATE, Hate, hate the kindle version. Charts are too small and with the disorganization of the book chapters and headings, I am constantly going back and forth. I had to contact the book's publisher to get pdf versions in order to actually read the meal plans.

I am a serial dieter. I can follow a well laid plan carefully; therefore I get results. The recipes are pretty great but they are so lacking in quantity and variety. Pomroy supposedly has cookbook coming out in Dec '13.

It is a real shame that her scientific background, which serves as the basis for the diet process, is touched on superficially. This book needs more! More recipes, more attention to detail and more step by step instructions. Scientifically sound, it is working for me, but I can see others getting easily frustrated and giving up before 28 days.

Oh, and she has a forum on her website. Another case of rushing to get things out there...it's not moderated and dieters are floundering with seeking answers.